Their Story

600LBS OF SIN! formed in late 2009 by Josh Thomas & Mike Pushkin as an expansion of their acoustic duo, The Filthy No 'Counts. Mike Pushkin is a well known local musician & songwriter in Charleston & Morgantown, WV. He is a founding member of The Joint Chiefs & Josh Thomas has played in local Charleston, WV bands for over 10 years. Together their vision of blending honky tonk, reggae, southern rock, bluegrass, folk, & blues with intense improvised jams & unique vocal harmonies, reminiscent of the jamband greats by which they are so heavily influenced, came together with the addition of vocalist Sierra Ferrell. Sierra's vocal range & demanding stage presence, along with her exquisite song writing, are enough to have you begging for more. The current rhythm section is an all-star lineup with John Inghram on bass and founding member of The Recipe Gregg Lowley on drums.

This band is a must see for any fan of live music!